What do you think it means..?

What do you think it means

What do you think it means

What do you think it means

If you guys are anything like me, sometimes you come across an image or a song that seems to really stand out to you for some reason.  Be it a mood, a vibe, or takes you to a different time or place, maybe even a memory or two.  Whatever it is, it feels like it connects with you on a level deeper then just face value.  I recently experienced this with the image above.

I was on a random photo walk with my talented photographer friend Heather Teahan in Detroit Michigan last weekend and we visited the infamous "Heidelberg Project".  In a nutshell it is a huge art exhibit located in an urban Detroit neighborhood.  If your not familiar with the place you should definitely checkout the link above for more information.

Among the many extremely colorful artwork pieces there I came across the statue pictured above tucked abit out of the way.  I stood there for a few minutes just staring at it trying to figure out why I was so drawn to it, as I am admittedly not much of an "artistic person".  After a few more minutes I realized that the statue seem to sum up my thoughts & feelings about Detroit's history & struggle, and that one scene alone captured everything I had envisioned shooting and trying to portray with my images of Detroit I had wanted to take.  I give all the credit to the artist who created the piece, and what they wanted it to say to people is up to each any everyone's individual interpretation of course.

I felt it showed the once spectacular city that was Detroit in it's prime, but as we know has had many struggles over the years.  I think it also shows that the city is tough and hardworking and despite being a little bit worse for wear it still stands proud to this day as one of the most beautiful city's with some of the most amazing architecture that I haven't seen anywhere else in my travels.  Some may just see it as a broken statue, or perhaps an attempt at a political statement, but to me it seemed like more.

What are your thoughts on this image?  Do you feel connected to it, and if so what do YOU think it means...  I'd love to hear your thoughts!