Brian Dawes is a professional photographer based out of Southern Ontario, with a passion for sailing and producing beautiful images. Specializing in commercial beauty, fashion and glamour photography, Brian applies his unique photographic style exposing both emotion and the human spirit. By creating simple, bold, and dynamic images, Brian is able to capture the true essence of his subjects, delivering strong images every time. Clients consider his eye for light and composition to be one of his best assets, perhaps that’s why Brian’s images have been published and featured in several magazines, both in print and on-line.

From studying photography since 2008, to attending many workshops and seminars around the country, Brian is not one to shy away from furthering his education. He constantly strives to enhance his knowledge of the photography world, learning tricks of the trade from several highly respected photographers. With a strong background in art and graphic design, it only made sense he would find himself working alongside internationally famed, graffiti artist Denial. Together with Denial’s spray can artistry and Brian’s eye for an image, Brian encapsulates the unorthodox street art by photographing the images for high-resolution digitization, and creating interesting photo-time lapse series.

When Brian is not at the studio making prints, he can be found producing beauty portraits, commercial fashion shoots, or if it’s summertime, gallivanting in his sailboat. When his camera isn’t occupied with a client, he draws inspiration from his daily surroundings and brings his photography skills back to nature, capturing its solemnity. Brian’s veins pump salt water and he dreams of one day solo-sailing around the world in a Volvo-70. In defiance of his head being stuck in the clouds, he has both feet set firmly on the ground enjoying every minute of what he does.

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.